Feel inspired by the new Dulux colour palettes for 2023

I’ve talked about the impact of colour so much in my blog because it has such a powerful affect on our mood and the feeling of spaces! To understand the colours that are most appealing, the design industry looks forward to the arrival of the new Dulux colour palettes. They provide excellent insights about how people are feeling and the macro social movements that influence interiors.

The Dulux colour palettes for 2023 are drawn from the following factors….

– The turbulence of Covid life has caused us to desire comfort and a sense of grounding, security and familiarity in our interior colour schemes.

– Sustainability still remains a huge focus and there is a strong preference to feel connected to nature through colours and textures.

– Creating joy and not taking ourselves too seriously. Another impact of years of Covid life, we’re seeing cafes, bars, retail stores have so much fun with their interior design – using vibrant colours, textures and taking risks.  This is now coming through in interior colour schemes and décor items.

So I hope you feel inspired by the new Dulux colour palettes for 2023. I’m sure one will resonate with you as they have for me!


This colour palette is about feeling safe, secure and creating a sense of familiarity. It’s a refined palette with serene marine blues, gentle greens and accents of deep garnet that remind us of the ocean and being seaside. This isn’t an adventurous colour palette, rather it’s embracing familiar and safe colours but layering them in a serene and interesting way.


Think of warm, earthy tones that make us feel connected to nature – that’s the Connect colour palette. It really does reinforce that green is back and here to stay. The colours show our relationship with the great outdoors and how much we connected with it during all the lockdowns – going on walks, gardening, cooking and spending time in our backyards. Colours include moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddied yellow-green and burnt charcoal.


With playful, uplifting, bright colours, the Revive palette is an instant mood-lifter and about having fun with unexpected colour combinations.  Revive is about sparking joy and not taking ourselves too seriously! The tones are a little deeper than what we saw last year in the ‘Wonder’ palette with a dusty rose pink, breezy deep blue, mustardy yellow, emerald, violet and burnt orange.

So you’re probably thinking ‘how can I integrate these new Dulux colour palettes into my home?’  

The first thing to decide is the look and feel that you are trying to create and pairing that with the colour palette that can create that vibe. Here is how I’d approach it….

For a tranquil, calm and sophisticated space, I’d use the BALANCE palette.

With the combination of soft hues and the dramatic deep tones in this palette, they are ideal for any space in the home. Including the kitchen, a living space, bedroom or bathroom – it’s a very versatile and luxe palette.

Dulux colour palette, Sydney interior designer

To create a nurturing, cocooning space, the CONNECT palette is perfect.

The colours and tones in this palette bring the outside in…. and all the beautiful feelings you get from being in nature come into your space. I’d feel inspired to use this colour palette in a bedroom, an office space or a sunroom.

Dulux colour palette, Sydney interior designer

If you are looking for a fun, energising vibe, I’d look to the REVIVE palette.

I’m inclined to use these colours in a paired back way – selecting one colour from the palette as a feature and to create a focal point, then combine with a neutral (grey, black, white). For instance, painting your front door in a fun colour or doing a vibrant tile or wallpaper in a powder room.

Dulux Colour Palette, Sydney interior designer

Also remember – you can integrate these on-trend colour palettes in your home in small ways, it doesn’t have to be with paint or making big bold statements.  You can simply do it with décor items like beautiful ceramic pieces, cushions, artwork or bed linen. It’s about having fun, refreshing your home and creating spaces you love!

If you’d like to chat about how to introduce some fresh energy into your home, I’d love to hear from you.  You can book in for a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.


Anna x


Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Stylist: Bree Leech