How to pick the perfect white paint colour for your home

Although we are seeing a lot more colour sneaking onto our walls, sometimes nothing beats a simple classic white finish to lighten and freshen a space.  It’s perfect for both small spaces, helping it feel bigger and brighter, and also in larger rooms creating a clean, contemporary look.  It also provides a lovely, fresh back drop for furniture, artwork and accessories to shine.  

But picking the right white is a little trickier than you might first imagine, and with over 50 different tints of white out there, picking the right one for your room can feel quite overwhelming!


Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are two types of whites: warm whites and cool whites and these can help set the mood for a room.  Cool whites are great for brightly lit rooms as they neutralise the warmth thrown by sunlight and create a lovely open, fresh atmosphere.  Whilst warm whites help create a warm and welcoming feeling and are great for duller, south facing rooms.


Here’s some of our go-to white paints from Dulux, including our tips on how to pick the one that’s right for you and your home.

Dulux Vivid White

This shade is a staple when it comes to white. It’s a true, pure white which means it has no other pigments added to it.  Vivid white is crisp and clean, and bounces light without casting any cool or warm tones.  However, because it doesn’t have any other pigment it can be tricky to get good colour coverage, so keep this in mind (particularly if you are painting over another colour). 

This white is the perfect base whatever your home design is, but works particularly well with modern, mid-century styles.   Vivid White is also a go-to accent for trims (such as doors, architraves and window frames) as it works beautifully for a fresh contrast with other whites.

Sheer curtains, transform your home with window treatments
North Bondi Project | McMillan Design

Dulux Casper White

Another white we love to use in homes is Casper White. It has just the right amount of colour in it to create a warm, inviting space.

It’s subtle grey-taupe undertones pairs well with Dulux Vivid White on ceilings and trims to give your home that extra little bit of character.

Dulux Casper White kitchen
Surry Hills Project | McMillan Design

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Lexicon Quarter is another popular white with designers, with its slightly cooler base making it a softer true white.

This cool shade is incredibly versatile and works with a variety of styles, but particularly in more contemporary styled rooms.

Given its cooler base, it’s best used in light, sun filled rooms as when used in darker or south facing rooms it can throw a grey base and feel a little cold.

McMillan Design | Landor Rd Residence

Dulux Natural White

This is a designer’s go-to white paint for when you’re wanting a white that’s still warm and welcoming.

This warm white has a slight red/yellow undertone which gives it a gentle greige tone. Whilst its warm base gives a hint of warmth, it still throws plenty of fresh, clean light around a room, so it is a true classic that works in most spaces and with most styles.

We particularly love using it in older style homes with traditional elements.

McMillan Design | Double Bay Residence

Dulux Snowy Mountains Quarter

Snowy Mountains Quarter is a lush, warm white that works beautifully with all kinds of colour schemes.

This shade is both soft and calm, with warm undertones shining through. Snowy Mountains Quarter is our go to for use across all styles of homes. 

It provides the perfect canvas for you to add your own personality and style to your space.  

McMillan Design | Mosman Residence

But before you jump in and pick your white paint, pop down to your local paint shop and grab a couple of paint sample pots.  We recommend painting up a large piece of card, or the actual wall in a few different spots around your home to test the colour.  It’s also best to give it a few days so you can see how it reacts to the natural light in the room at different times of the day.   

I hope those suggestions and tips help you find your perfect white paint! If you still feel confused and don’t know what’s right for your home, then click here or drop me an email and let me help you select the ideal colour scheme for you and your home.

Anna x