5 fabulous interior design trends from Milan Salone del Mobile

This last month was incredibly exciting and special as I jetted off to Milan for Salone del Mobile design week.  Salone is where the world’s most prestigious furniture designers and brands gather to showcase their new products and it’s the chance to see all the latest trends in furniture and design…. So it is a pretty big deal in the design world!!

This was my first trip to Milan and Salone, and boy, it did not disappoint!  And with 20 years since I last visited Italy, I got to fall in love with the country all over again.  Milan was buzzing with Design Week launch events, parties and pop-up exhibitions that extended across the entire city.   Salone is absolutely huge, covering nearly 210,000 square meters (that’s about 52 acres), and with 2,300 companies showcasing their products there was a LOT to see.  Donning our most stylish (and comfortable!) sneakers we covered some serious ground, but even then, we only scraped the surface of what is an incredible showcase of design.

Fun fact – I tracked 110k steps in the 5 days … that’s nearly 90km!

The stands at Salone were incredible – many were the equivalent of huge ‘pop-up’ showrooms (made sustainably so they could all be packed up, shipped out and reused at the end of the fair.)  The most memorable were the interactive stands such as Preciosa Lighting with immersive light and sound shows, whilst other stands wowed us with their scale, and stunning craftsmanship such as Riva 1920, Flexform, Gessi and Molteni.

5 key interior design trends from Milan Salone del Mobile

There was SO much to see and take in at Salone, but there were definitely a few standout trends that I observed and expect to see developing further in interior design over the coming years. Check out my top 5 trend picks….

1. Textured Glass. From alabaster, rippled and coloured …so many forms of glass used in tables, cabinets, doors, lights.

2. High gloss finishes. Stunning lacquered and gloss finishes in furniture and light fittings, many in gorgeous accent colours.

3. Curves galore! Rugs, sofas, consoles, outdoor furniture… you name it, it had curves!

4. Detailing. From contrast piping, to feature stitching, to button details, to woven finishes, there were details aplenty on both indoor and outdoor furnishings, all adding a sense of craftsmanship and special-ness to each piece.

5. Colour. There was so much colour and something for everyone, from earthy, natural tones, to pastels, to bold accent colours. Soft terracotta, earthy greens, tan and caramel tones featured strongly. While lapis blue, yellow and pastel accents brought a sense of playfulness.

Outside of Salone, we were also fortunate to visit a number of design exhibitions across Milan, and highlights included…..

Muuto’s takeover of the top floor of an old Milano apartment. 

This is where they showcased their furniture and lighting in a gorgeous display called the ‘butterfly effect’.

Edra Furniture which held its exhibition in a stunning old Palazzo.

Their contemporary sofas and armchairs display was just exquisite, check out their Swarovski crystal covered sofa, WOW!

Their pieces were displayed within the gorgeous and ornate frescoed rooms, bringing contrast between ‘the old and the new’.

Touring Villa Necchi Campiglio, an iconic villa built in the 1930’s in the heart of Milan.

The style and craftsmanship of the villa was ahead of its time and just incredible.

This is an absolute must-see for any design enthusiasts visiting Milan.

Of course, being in the design capital of Italy I found inspiration everywhere I turned, well beyond the Salone design fair itself.

From the streets to the buildings, to the hotel, cafes, bars and restaurants we visited, I couldn’t get enough of the patinaed finishes, the soft warm colours, the incredible ceiling details, stunning marble floors and stairwells, the shuttered windows and the beautiful archways leading to private internal courtyards…

I could go on… What a magical week it was!

So that’s my take on the 5 key interior design trends straight out of Milan…

Some newer trends and some that we’ve seen developing here in Australia over the last couple of years, and which I am sure we will see more of!

If I was to pick one trend to consider integrating in your own home RIGHT NOW, it’s colour!  Whether it’s soft and natural earthy tones, or some bolder accents, it’s time to get a bit more playful and creative with how we incorporate colour in our homes, and we are certainly looking forward to bringing a bit more colour into the lives and homes of our clients!

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Anna x