5 Ways to warm up your home in time for winter

With daylight savings now well and truly behind us, and the nights cooling down quickly, it’s time to start thinking about how to cosy up your home in time for winter.

I always love the change of season into Autumn, where the weather is generally settled with lovely sunny days, cool evenings and the gorgeous colours of the leaves starting to change.  It’s a great time to think about those little changes you can make in your home to embrace the change of season and the cooler weather.  

Instead of just cranking up the heater or stoking the fire, a few simple styling changes can make a huge difference to help you warm up your home this winter.  

Here are my top 5 tips to help cosy up your space:

Add some rugs to your floors

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Bare floors may work well in the warmer months but come this time of year floor rugs are where it’s at!

Not only can rugs drastically reduce heat loss through the floor (effectively supplying a layer of insulation), but they add both physical and emotional warmth to the space.

Nothing says cosy as much as a soft, warm layer underfoot! With so many beautiful rugs available these days, you’re sure to find one to suit your style and budget.

Update your cushions and throws

Cushions are a great way to change up the look of your living room – cost effective and quick to implement, they can change the mood and feeling of a room in an instant. Consider swapping out your cushions with some gorgeous, chunky textures such as boucle (so hot right now!) or velvet,  in a range of warm, earthy colours.  Olive, mustard, terracotta and plum are hot colours for this season.  

Adding textural layers with throws is another way to visually warm up the space and they are great to snuggle up with on a chilly evening.  Choose soft, chunky textures that you can wrap up in or drape across the sofa when not in use.

Change over your bedding

Not only is it time to bring out the warmer doona to keep you warm through the cooler nights, but it’s also a chance to update your bed linen with some of the gorgeous colour palettes we are seeing around at the moment.

These warm, earthy tones are ideal to replace the fresh, white linen you enjoyed through summer. Add some accent pillow slips, cushions and a throw and your bed will be an inviting, warm space this winter.

Check out Cultiver for a beautiful range of 100% linen bedding in stunning colours.

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Colour your walls

Colour has such a transformative effect on your space and your mood, so why not add some colour to your walls with a new coat of paint. Choose a soft, moody colour that is both nourishing and relaxing (like Dulux Goyder Green or Dulux Wistow for a soft grey-green tone or Dulux Clay Pipe for a gorgeous nude tone) to help create a cosy welcoming space.  If the idea of painting your walls is just too much for you, then think about swapping your artwork around to create a different feeling in the space, or maybe it’s time to invest in that piece of art you’ve been coveting!


Update your lighting

Lighting is such an important element in setting a mood, and nothing says cosy and comfortable like soft, warm mood lighting. Table and floor lamps are best to create this mood, creating soft pools of light. My other favourite addition are candles which create a lovely shimmery ambiance.  Put together a selection of candles en-masse on a platter to create a magical feeling in your space, or choose a scented candle with a warm, nourishing fragrance to help give you cosy vibes.  Check out Peppermint Grove’s Burnt Fig & Pear candle for a lovely warming scent.


The cooler months are a great opportunity to give your home a mini-makeover… an opportunity to layer up and create a cosy, inviting space in which to retreat! So why not give some of these tips a go yourself.  (Let me know how you go!)

If you’d like some more advice or a bit more hands-on help to cosy up your space, then I’d love to help! Just drop me an email or enquire about working together here

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