Colour inspiration and trends- Dulux 2022 Colour Forecast

Colour can play such an important part in our energy and mood so I’m always excited when the Dulux Colour Forecast lands in my inbox with its insightful and inspiring perspective on all things colour.  Colour is a great way to bring some fresh energy and positive change to your space, and it’s a great opportunity to add a little magic to your home.

Given another uncertain year living through this pandemic, it’s no surprise then that we are feeling more connected to our homes, craving comfort and reassurance from our spaces.  And with all that time spent indoors at home, it has led to a greater appreciation for both good design and functionality. We desire surrounding ourselves with things that are not only beautiful, but that also enhance our wellbeing and improve our quality of life.   We’re certainly asking a lot of our spaces these days, we look to our living areas to calm and nurture us, to help us process everything we’ve experienced this last year and to help us rediscover our zest for life as we move forward!

The Dulux 2022 Colour Forecast reflects on this current mood and comprises three colour palettes that are drawn from the landscape and feature warm tones, sensual, deep decadent hues and joyful, nature-inspired pastels.


This palette is made up of gentle, earthy neutrals alongside more rugged, natural tones, such as buttercream, pumice, deep blue, clay, rich forest green, moss, charcoal-purple.  These colours do not demand attention, instead they soothe our senses by providing a soft backdrop to all the changes and uncertainty in our lives.

Comfort is a priority as we look to simplify the spaces we live in, and this palette brings clarity and calm to our homes.  Surrounding ourselves with cosy and cocooning colours and pieces that help us relax and process the last year and a half.

The sense of touch also plays an important part after all the time spent on our devices. As a result you’ll see more tactile, natural fibres and materials such as linen, timber and stone.  Detailing will be kept to a minimum with the focus on form and function, and we’ll see chunky, curvy furniture, handmade décor pieces and imperfect shapes.


The Flourish palette captures a sense of adventure and passion for life, and includes ripe, bolder colours such as petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose alongside pops of vintage gold.

These colours enrich our feelings of empowerment and spark our imagination and we will see interiors that are layered, expressive, and shamelessly individual.  It will feature decadent fabrics such as velvet, silk and natural leather, marble and oxidised metallics adding some elegant, luxurious vibes and one-off vintage finds for personality.  Curves are likely to also feature but will be more exaggerated and you’ll see an overall 70’s disco vibe!


This is an optimistic, joyful palette that’s inspired by the 80’s and features light pastels and playful, summery hues. Think cornflower blue, lilac, lemon, green quartz, rose gold.

There is a sense of reawakening and celebration as we prepare to connect with friends and family, and these cheerful and optimistic vibes speak to the feeling of better days ahead.

It also reflects our desire to be less serious and welcome back some fun into our lives and so you’ll see unexpected combinations and whimsical looks such as quaint florals, eclectic colour and mixed patterns, along with sustainably sourced furniture and recycled materials.

My tips to add a little colour magic to your home…

As you can see, colour can play such an important part in our energy and mood.  You can add a little magic to your home by incorporating one or more colours from these palettes in your space.  If you’re wondering how to introduce some fresh vibes, then the first thing to decide is the look and feel that you are trying to create.  So if you want to create…..

A soft, nurturing space such as a bedroom, Restore is the perfect palette to start with because it’s calming and soothing.

Colour trends 2022, Dulux Restore
Dulux Tranquil Retreat and Ferry

A moody and more luxurious vibe, for a living room for instance, Flourish is the palette to play with because it’s dramatic while also being cosy.

Colour trends 2022, Dulux Flourish
Dulux Kenepuru and Gold Vintage Gold Effect

A fresh and more energising space, perhaps for your work or study zone, then why not dip a toe into the Wonder palette, it’s fun and cheeky.

Colour trend, Wonder palette
Dulux Pinkham, Equatorial Forest, Vivid White™

So whether it’s paint or accessories, colour is a great way to bring some fresh energy to your home and create a positive change in your surroundings, and HELLO – don’t we all need a little bit of that right now?!

If you’d like to chat about how to introduce some fresh energy into your home, then I’d love to hear from you!  You can book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here. Or enquire about working together here, and we will be in touch.


Anna x


Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Stylist: Bree Leech