How to find your design style … and own it!

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home and looking for design inspiration it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the array of design ideas available these days.  Just a quick flick through Pinterest can easily lead you into a tailspin if you don’t know where to focus.

Knowing your design style can be a big help, and gives you a great foundation that you can then build from, adding different elements to personalise it and make it your own.

Ok… that’s great, I hear you say, but how exactly do I do that?


Step 1/

Take one of the many quick, online design style quizzes to help you identify your core interior design style preference.  Here’s a couple of quizzes that I found incredibly accurate:  and


Step 2/

Use this style as a basis to search for inspiration and looks you like.  I love both Pinterest and Houzz for this step, but I recommend that you try and keep focussed to ‘your’ design style at this stage of the process!


Step 3/

Review the images you’ve pinned to your style board and ask yourself what it is about each image that you love.  The neutral colour palette? The soft, textured rugs? The rich velvet finishes? The use of wood? Or the natural, rattan accessories?  You’ll no doubt see lots of consistency coming through in your selected images, but often you’ll also start to see unique elements from other design styles reflected in the images you’ve chosen, and this is a great way to start to think about how to adapt your core style so you can really make it your own.


Step 4/

Be confident in your design decisions… knowing the style rules is as important as having the confidence to break them. That way you’ll make your space feel like your own.  Remember, you don’t have to commit to one style whole-heartedly.  In fact, the best interiors often combine a mix of styles to create layers of interest that reflect its owners.  Use your design style as your starting point and build on it slowly so it evolves to suit your personality and lifestyle, and doesn’t risk looking like a showroom.


Or, if that all still sounds too daunting to you, then grab the support of an Interior Designer who can help you uncover the design style you didn’t know you had, and help you make it your own.

If you are looking to undertake a renovation project and would like some design and decoration advice, I’d love to chat with you and help you unlock YOUR design style… if so, please drop me a message.


Anna x