Looking for home design inspiration? – 6 sources to discover and explore

Hands up if you’re feeling a little uninspired and bored with your home interiors right now?!

Well you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise given how much time we’ve all spent at home over this last year and a half!  With home doubling as living and work or study spaces, and with fewer opportunities to get away for a holiday, it’s only natural that we might be a bit jaded and ‘over’ our home spaces.

Whilst it might be relatively easy to recognise what’s not working or what you don’t like about your space, it’s often much harder to decide what you want to do about it. Or maybe you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve, but are overwhelmed by too many ideas and possibilities?

In order to help set the course for any change in your home, some initial research is critical. The good news is that this first exploratory step can be LOTS of fun! It’s your chance to research the style you like and collect inspiration imagery that can be used to guide your design or decorating journey.

Instagram, Pinterest or home magazines are the most obvious starting points for design inspiration, but there are plenty of other unique ways to get inspired and help define what you’d like to achieve in your home.

Here are 6 sources of design inspiration for you to explore and create fresh vibes in your home…

1. Fashion magazines and retail stores

There are many parallels between fashion design and interior design, as the macro trends that shape fashion also influence home design. Take note of the beautiful colours, tones, textiles and shapes that are appearing in fashion design and retail stores to get inspired.

2. Display homes

These days display homes and suites are incorporating the very best in interior trends. From design to technology it’s all brought to life for you so you can touch, feel and experience it IRL.  Wanting to see some of the latest finishes, fixtures and fittings in situ? Then check out a display suite to see how it all comes together from top to bottom.

3. Furniture stores

Whether it’s the in-store displays or an inspiration section on their website, furniture and homeware stores are a great way to get inspired.  You’ll see the latest shapes, styles, colours and textiles in furniture and furnishings, and they can be a great way to see how a ‘look’ can be pulled together. (Just watch that you don’t fall into the trap of simply recreating the showroom look in your own home as it may not feel personal and unique to you!)

4. Holiday destinations

Ok, so we haven’t been traveling much lately, but that’s not to say we can’t take in some virtual holiday experiences. Boutique hotels and Airbnb’s can be a fabulous source of inspiration.  So if you are looking to create some relaxed, holiday vibes at your home then what better inspiration than popular Airbnb’s destinations like Salt at Shoal Bay. Or if luxe is more your thing, then you might find your inspiration in Contemporary Hotels for some gorgeous stylish, luxe vibes.

5. Restaurant, cafes and bars

From edgy to elegant to casual, new restaurant, cafes and bar venues can dish up plenty of inspiration for you.  Whether it’s the finishes such as bench tops and wall cladding, fixtures such as wall lights, tapware or colour palettes and furnishings there will likely be plenty of things to consider incorporating in your home design.

6. Real Estate

With so many properties professionally styled for sale these days you will see plenty of homes that have been presented to improve value and street appeal with buyers. They are therefore a great way to get inspiration on what home-owners value and aspire to have in their homes.  Plus they can be a great source of inspiration for furniture and styling, so check out Domain for a few sneaky ideas for your home.

So you see, there are so many wonderful ways to gather inspiration for the design direction of your home.

Go crazy, tear out magazine images, grab screen shots and snap photos of the things you are drawn to. Save them in a digital or physical folder, or maybe consider creating a vision board that captures the overall look that you’re drawn to.  You’ll often be surprised by the consistent themes that emerge from this process, and it’s a fabulous way to inspire you and build your own unique design direction!

If you’re dreaming of creating a home that inspires, welcomes and nourishes your soul, but you need a bit of help to achieve it, I’d love to support you.  You can book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.  Or enquire about working together here and we will be in touch.


Anna x