Multi-Purpose Living

Multi-functional living has never been more important than right now, with so many of us working from home.  But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a separate home office, so the question I often get asked is how to make your work space stylish and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your home.

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Zoning the space was key so that it felt welcoming and balanced.  Floor rugs and cleverly placed furniture items were used to help define the spaces whilst keeping it feeling connected and harmonious.

Practicality was an important requirement, so once we’d worked out the key zones, we set about designing a custom desk and storage solution.   Adding plenty of custom storage enabled us to get all the messy office equipment and supplies off the desk and shelves, and create a beautiful, clutter-free space, plus the wall-to-wall floating desk provided plenty room for two people to work comfortably together.

That was the exact challenge we faced when McMillan Design was engaged to create a stylish, multi-purpose living room and home office for our Landor Road project.

Whilst the existing room was cluttered and overdue for a refresh, it was fortunate to have plenty of space, so with some clever zoning we were able to create a multi-functional layout that suited the entire family – room to watch TV, space to relax and read, and the all-important workspace to accommodate two people – whilst transforming it into a fresh, relaxed and inviting space.


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Once the practicality box was ticked, we then focussed on creating a beautiful, seamless space, one that didn’t feel too ‘office-y’ and which was perfect for the family to also come together and relax in.

To achieve this, we laid new timber flooring to lighten and contemporise the space and incorporated a soft, fresh colour palette with muted accents that echoed the beautiful natural bush setting and created a relaxed and inviting feeling. This was further enhanced through the natural, textured furnishings, such as linen cushions, throws and woven rugs, to help add layers of warmth and comfort.

This gorgeous transformation ticked all the boxes for this family… space to work, space to relax and space to entertain!

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“We are blown away with the results, and everybody who enters our home comments on how restful and comfortable it feels, which is exactly what we were after” - Michelle, Landor Rd Project

If you would like some help creating your own multi-functional living space, I’d love to hear from you!  Please give me a call to arrange a consultation.

Anna x