Our decorating tips to create a cosy warm home this Autumn Winter!

Now that daylight savings is well and truly over and the nights are cooling down, it’s time to create a cosy warm home to retreat to in the cooler Autumn/Winter months.

I absolutely love Autumn, and think there is something very special about the colours and tones we see in nature, with the leaves starting to change, sprinkling our streets in golden hues and rustic tones. The weather is generally still lovely, with the sun shining but a crispness in the air, giving us an excuse to slow down and snuggle up on the sofa!

It feels like the tide is changing during Autumn….making it a great time to update your interiors, embrace the change of season and create a cosy warm home that feels inviting.


So here are our top 5 tips to cosy up your space this Autumn/Winter.
1. Update your cushions and throws.

Cushions and throws are a great way to change up the look of your home because they can instantly impact the mood and feeling of your space. Plus they’re cost effective and quick to implement which is great.

Swap your cushions with some gorgeous, chunky textures such as boucle, wool or velvet, or in funky checkered patterns and warm, earthy colours like olive, terracotta and plum which are so ‘in’ right now…

As for your throws, these are great to add more textural layers, and not only visually warm up your space but create lovely zones to snuggle up.  Choose soft textures that you can wrap yourself up in, or drape across the sofa when not in use. Again look for throws in deep, rich wintery colours that give off ‘snuggle vibes’.

2. ‘Rug Up’…. place rugs on your floors.

Bare floors may work well in the warmer months but come this time of year floor rugs are definitely where it’s at!

Functionally, rugs drastically reduce heat loss through the floor, effectively supplying a layer of insulation. Plus emotionally and physically, rugs add warmth to your space…Nothing says ‘cosy warm home’ as much as a soft, warm layer underfoot!

We generally recommend wool rugs to our clients as they offer longevity and can withstand heavy usage and the daily demands of a busy household. There are so many gorgeous colours and tones available these days, and lots of variety, so you’re sure to find one to suit your style and budget.

3. Update and warm up your bedding

Yes, it’s definitely time to bring out the heavier doona and warmer throw to keep you cosy through the cooler nights…. But it’s also a chance to update your bed linen with more current colour palettes that we’re seeing everywhere at the moment.

Earthy, deep, luxe tones are ideal, to either layer on top of your current bedding, or to totally refresh everything, and immerse yourself in all the new colours to create cosy indulgent warm vibes!

Some of our fav bedding suppliers are L&M Home, Cultiver and In the Sac. They all have a beautiful range of stunning colours, designs and textures!

4. Evoke warmth with your lighting!

One of the simplest tricks to warm up a space instantly is with MOOD LIGHTING!  

Lighting is such an important element in setting a mood, and nothing says cosy and comfortable like soft, warm lighting. Table and floor lamps are best to evoke this vibe, creating soft pools of light and helping to illuminate the seasonal colours and selections you’ve made with the fresh cushions, throws, bedding etc!

Pro tip: Always ensure you use ‘warm’ coloured bulbs in your lamps to create that intimate ambient light.

My other favourite lighting choice for autumn/winter nights are candles! They create a lovely shimmery ambiance, and with a lush fragrant candle you’ll also light up the senses too! To create a magical feeling in your space, we suggest either grouping a selection of candles en masse on a platter, or have a couple of elegant candelabras with candle sticks in seasonal colours… there is nothing is more elegant!

5. Cosy up your alfresco spaces!

We can’t forget about your outdoor spaces too – with the right styling and accessories, your alfresco area can also become cosy during the cooler months. Continue the style and updated colour palette that you’ve used to warm up your interiors, so you get a nice harmonious flow to your alfresco space.

The key here is about layering and warm textures – use cushions and throws again, and even try some thicker, warmer blankets – to create a cosy vibe and soften the outdoor furniture setting! Consider practical additions like outdoor heating with a firepit or outdoor heater.

And don’t forget the lighting tip above – add some lovely table lamps, hang some elegant twinkling fairy lights and add some gorgeous candles outdoors too, to generate warmth and glow on those chilly nights.

Now is the perfect time to create a cosy warm home and remember, the cooler months are a great opportunity to give your home’s interiors a seasonal refresh.

Enjoy layering fabrics, textures and tones and adding soft ambient lighting to create a cosy, nurturing space for you to retreat from the cold. 

If you’d like some more advice or hands-on help to create a unique and nourishing home, we’d love to help! Simply click here to book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call.

Anna x