Outdoor Living … how to create that holiday vibe at home

Back at work?  Kids off to school?  Holidays a distant memory? 

Hands up if you are missing that holiday feeling!

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School is back, so for most of us it’s a pretty strong signal that the holidays are over.  But with warm days set to continue in this part of the world for a while yet, why let that stop you keeping some of that holiday resort feeling alive at your place?

If you want to keep that holiday vibe going then an outdoor space is the best place to recreate that fun, relaxed atmosphere.

First up, start with a comfy outdoor sofa or chairs to create an inviting, laid-back, social space where you can relax with friends, or a quiet zone to chill with a good book or your favourite mag.

Next up, throw in some outdoor cushions.  With so many beautiful outdoor fabrics available these days it’s a great way to add some personality and comfort to your outdoor space.  And why not add some large floor cushions into the mix to further enhance that laid-back feeling.

A grouping of lush potted plants will help to transform your balcony or deck and create your own tropical oasis … nothing says “tropical” quite like a palm, so mix up a range of different size pots and be sure to include some large, soft palm fronds.

And for that little extra wow factor, consider an outdoor rug to really help define the space, some soft blankets to snuggle into in the cooler evenings, and candles or festoon lights to really make the evening sparkle.

Now, I think all that’s missing is a G&T, or glass of rose, and you are all set to keep that holiday mood going at your home.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to bring a bit of resort life back home?