Seven of the Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

I love the start of a new year (and even more so a new decade!) and what better time than to delve into the interior design trends for the year ahead.

I’ve picked what I see are seven of the biggest interior design trends for 2020, many of which are super easy for you to implement in your home this year.

1. Natural and tactile

This trend continues to build and is strongly influenced by our desire to care more for ourselves and our environment, so we’ll see lots more gorgeous textured finishes in our furnishings and homewares.  Think timber, stone, sisal, rattan and textured fabrics such as boucle, felted wool and tweed to add loads of warmth, character and interest to your space.

2. Nature-inspired colour palettes

Some colours just ooze calm, and green is undoubtedly one of those. Expect to see all shades of green making an appearance in home décor this year – from gorgeous grey-greens like eucalypt and sage to soft, earthy olive greens. We’re also seeing less grey and more ‘greige’ as the colour shifts to warmer, earthy hues. Soft, dirty blues and terracottas will also feature strongly


3. Soft, organic shapes

There is a growing move to more rounded forms in architecture, furniture and homewares. Gone are the hard, straight lines with softer, more feminine touches helping to balance out and beautifully contrast with hard surfaces such as concrete and brass. From tables, sofas, arches, baths and kitchen benches we are seeing more and more rounded corners and soft edges.


4. Wellness in the home

Adding plants is probably one of the most easily achievable ways to improve your wellness at home and provide a connection to nature.  Other wellness improvements we’re seeing include the focus on more natural light through the addition of skylights and windows, incorporating views of nature, soothing colour palettes and the use of low-VOC paints.

5. Terrazzo

A composite material made from chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass and stone; terrazzo is not new to the interior design scene. But what you can expect in 2020 is to see a LOT more of it. You can also expect the chips to get larger plus some fabulous bold colourways and you’ll see it moving from flooring to bathrooms, benchtops and homewares.

6. Brass accents

We’ve seen brass building in popularity over the last few years, but this year brass is set to own the stage… move over black tapware! From tapware and lighting to home décor accessories there are so many affordable ways to introduce some stunning brass accents into your space.

7. Eco-friendly and sustainable

With the increased focus on sustainability and climate change this is a trend that is only going to continue to grow.  On the way out is the appeal of fast-fashion in interior design where we see things hit the land fill after a couple of years of use. Along with this ‘less is more’ attitude is a growing desire for quality, sustainable solutions and we’re seeing more and more environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable home furnishing and décor products hitting the market.

There is such a strong thread across these 2020 Interior Design Trends that just oozes nature.  And I don’t know about you, but this certainly brings me a beautiful sense of calm and wellness!

And why wouldn’t you want to bring a bit of nature, calm and wellness to your home this year?


Images sourced via Pinterest