Transform your home with window treatments- our interview with Marlow & Finch

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to window treatments these days with so many options available – from roller blinds, roman blinds, curtains to plantation shutters, and more – with different styles and fabric options to suit your budget.

Sadly though, window treatments often seem to be overlooked or left to the end when renovating, however, we believe they should play an integral part when designing a space, as they not only transform the look and feel of your home but also provide important functional needs, such as privacy, protection from the sunlight, and insulation from heat and cold.

This month we interviewed Penelope Mitchell from Marlow & Finch, our amazing window treatment supplier.  With a wealth of knowledge on finishes, fabrics and design options, we wanted their take on ‘what’s what’ when it comes to finishing your windows and how window treatments can help transform your home.

Window treatments

What are the current trends you’re seeing in window treatments at the moment?

We’re having a real ‘soft sheer moment’ in Australian design, with sheers adding an elegant look and feel to people’s homes. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Australian consumers are becoming a lot braver than ever before with colour, texture and design! Netted weave sheers, metallics and bold colours are all trending now. Curtains and Roman Blinds are the prefect treatments to show off these kinds of fabrics.

Sheer curtains North Bondi
North Bondi Project | McMillan Design

What are the main considerations to think about when selecting window treatments?

It’s a combination of function and design! Functionality – thinking about how the space is going to be used. Window treatments can help with light control, insulation and privacy.

Aesthetically, you can choose finishes that soften the space, or create a feature with a bold colour or pattern. Fabrics available in our industry today can create works of art on windows and doors!

Bedroom design, roman blinds, transform your home
Mosman II Project | McMillan Design

Must all the windows treatments in the living spaces or home be the same type, in order for the house to look cohesive?

Some clients prefer to have consistency throughout their home – particularly when it is a small apartment, and all windows are viewed together. However, at Marlow & Finch we think every room can be different! You can choose coordinating colours across different products to create a feeling of cohesion or choose different colours in the same material.

Plantation shutters, window treatments
Wollstonecraft Project | McMillan Design

What is the best window treatment you’d recommend for each space below?

Kitchen –considering cooking splatters, steam and moisture that are often found in a kitchen, roller blinds and shutters are great because they can be wiped down and are cleaned easily.

Bedroom – to provide privacy and give the best block out effect curtains are a fantastic solution. They are also great for insulation which is important both in the hotter Summer and the cold winter months! 

Bathroom – given moisture in bathrooms shutters are a great option because they can be coated with a waterproof finish. Or for a softer look, we have indoor/outdoor sheer fabric curtains which are water and mould resistant.

Contemporary kitchen design
Mosman Project | McMillan Design

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Shopping like an interior designer, sheer curtains, resort inspired
Double Bay Project | McMillan Design

When hanging curtains or sheers what are the most important things to consider?

Consider where the curtains will open. When placing curtains in front of  balcony or patio doors, think about where the doors open and ensure the curtains open at the same point. For windows it doesn’t really matter so long as you can access the window opening – so you can consider a centre curtain opening or a side opening.

Decide on a double or single track or curtain rod. A double track solution is a great way to make the most out of your window furnishings because you can have a soft sheer layer for daytime privacy paired with a block-out layer for insulation and night-time privacy.

Remember that when you have curtains and they’re open, there will be an amount of fabric gathered where the curtains are pulled back to…. So if it’s a left side opening, the curtain fabric will sit on the left-hand side. In areas where space is tight, consider a single panel that stacks to one side instead of a centre split. However if you have the space, a centre split is a great way to frame up a window / door but just make sure you allow space for the curtain fabric pull back to when the curtains are opened. We also like to recommend pulling the curtains back off the glass, if space allows. 

Whether you want to puddle curtains or not. Puddling is when the curtains sit on the floor to create a ‘puddle’ effect, and it really depends on the look you’re going for! You’ll often have a number of choices with a hemmed finish and in most cases your curtains will sit just above the floor for a crisp and neat finish.  However when choosing fabrics with a high linen composition, we recommend a 1-2cm puddle to allow for the fabric to move because linen will drop or shrink over time.  Puddling can also add a luxurious and elegant feel to a space so worth keeping in mind if that’s the look you’re after

Curtains, interior design, window treatments
Double Bay Project | McMillan Design
Dulux Casper White kitchen
Surry Hills Project | McMillan Design

So, it can be lots of fun to select this important aspect in the design of your home, and you really can transform your home with window treatments!

As you can see, there is a lot to consider both functionally and aesthetically, but we hope these helpful tips from Marlow & Finch will help when considering window treatments for your home.

Of course, if you’d like some help creating beautiful, liveable and functional spaces, we’d love to help!  You can book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.


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