Want to transform your tired and drab bathroom into your own slice of heaven?

Many of us dream of having a beautiful, spacious, day-spa-like bathroom that oozes luxury and calm, however sometimes space and budget just seem to get in the way, right?  Well, let us show you how, with some clever tips and tricks, that it doesn’t need to prevent you from creating your own slice of bathroom-heaven.  

This month we thought we’d take you behind the scenes of our #glebebathroom project with some always popular before and after photos, and a bunch of helpful tips on how we maximised this little bathroom’s potential and helped make it shine!


Our #glebebathroom project was a small apartment with a tight budget and was screaming out for attention.  It had us thinking of ways to maximise space whilst also delivering practical storage solutions, all with a fresh, modern style.  Here’s our top tips to keep in mind when planning your bathroom renovation…

Keep It Classic

For our Glebe Bathroom makeover we opted for a relatively simple, timeless style to ensure this bathroom had longevity and wide appeal for potential resale of the apartment.    

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your bathroom and give it a sense of space is to use plenty of white.  We chose a classic white subway tile and a fresh lick of white paint for the ceiling, which helped reflect the natural light and create a light, bright space.   

Combining this with a concrete grey floor tile in a contemporary hexagon shape was a great way to inject some subtle, contemporary style into the space without the risk of dating it. We also opted for black tapware to create interest and contrast against all our white finishes, and it adds a sophisticated touch to an otherwise simple space, don’t you agree? 

It’s important to note that opting for classic doesn’t need to mean “boring”.  Adding a few contemporary elements such as the round basin, black tapware and hexagon floor tiles helped ensure this classic also had a hit of “wow” factor.

Maximise Storage

In a tight bathroom space, it can be tricky to balance the need for storage with a desire to maximise space. A floating, wall-hung vanity is a great solution, as it allows the eye to be drawn further along the floor, helping the space feel bigger whilst also giving you that much needed storage.

Adding to our challenge renovating this small space was the unusual footprint, thanks to the apartment’s plumbing stack along our main wall.  To combat this we invested in a custom vanity unit, shaped to fit around the service column and allowing us to maximise both bench space and storage.

If space and budget allow, we also recommend installing mirrored shave cabinets (ideally recessed into the wall cavity), to allow even more storage and help keep bench tops clutter free!

Light and bright

Good lighting in a bathroom is crucial.  Not only will it help the space feel bright and open, but daily rituals such as shaving or applying makeup happen in this space, so its importance can’t be overstated.

Natural light is a great start, so allow as much as you can into the space.  Carefully position your overhead lights to allow light to fall between you and the mirror (rather from behind).  Better still, install wall sconce lighting at face height to help avoid shadowing when you are standing at the mirror.

Opt For Glass

Another great way to expand the feeling of space in your bathroom is by replacing a shower curtain with a glass panel or door.  Not only are they easier to keep clean, but they draw the eye to the extents of the room helping the space feel bigger and brighter. 

Adding a semi-frameless shower screen at our Glebe bathroom reno, made a huge difference by allowing more natural light into the space and helping the room feel almost twice the size!

Finishing Touches

In our opinion, bathroom styling is best left to a minimum – this is definitely a time to employ a less is more approach, particularly if you are tight on space.  Keeping bench tops clear of clutter will help the space feel clean and open.  

Having said that, you can’t go past a plant to freshen up the space (tip: opt for one that thrives in a warm, humid environment) and add a nice hand soap and perhaps a candle, and voila… you’re done!

Timing and Budget

Contrary to what you see on TV, it is not possible to complete a bathroom renovation in one week!  You will be without a toilet and shower for a minimum of two weeks, however, if you want to ensure your trades can work most efficiently, we suggest allowing at least 4-6 weeks for your bathroom renovation.  Keep in mind that custom items, such as shower screens and vanities, can’t be measured until the tiling is complete, so this is also a consideration when you are preparing your timeline. 

Budgets can obviously vary greatly depending on the size of your bathroom, the scope of the project and finishes you choose, but no matter what your budget, we do recommend planning for a buffer of at least 10% in case there are unforeseen complications that develop once you’ve got started.  (In the instance of our Glebe bathroom renovation we discovered that the old copper pipes all needed replacing which added extra time and cost to the project.)

We were thrilled (as was our client!) with the outcome of this bathroom renovation.  From the careful selection of the colour palette and fixtures, through to employing a few clever visual tricks, we were able to create a highly functional, stylish bathroom space that delivers the “wow” factor too.


I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful if you’re planning your dream-bathroom makeover.  

Of course, if you’d like some support designing your space, selecting finishes and engaging trades to bring your bathroom dreams to life, then I’d love to help.  Please click here, or email me, to arrange a time to discuss how I can help you.  


Anna x