What’s new in colour… Dulux 2021 Colour Forecast

Colour can add an exciting dimension to your home by helping create a specific feeling or mood. Whilst white or neutral walls may be preferred by many, there is certainly still plenty of scope to add personality and style with the use of accent colours for décor items and architectural features, so fear not!

Each Spring, Dulux release their much-anticipated colour forecast for the year ahead.  This forecast is influenced by what’s been happening in the world around us, including global research of trends across fashion, interiors and products, and it’s a great opportunity to be inspired, and to explore some exciting new colour trends.

All things Colour

In response to the pandemic, the Dulux 2021 Forecast reflects the desire for reassurance and strength, with three nurturing palettes that ooze comfort… soft, earthy neutrals, muted greens and gentle mauve-greys provide a reassuring connection with nature, while richer and brighter hues awaken our senses and allow for moments of optimism.

“The global pandemic has changed our relationship with our homes – not just on a practical level, the lines between our work and home have blurred beyond recognition. This also affects us on an emotional level,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux’s colour and communications manager. “We need flexible spaces that can multi-task as spaces to conduct our professional lives and perform household tasks, however, at the same time we need our homes to provide balance, calm and a sense of comfort and security.”

The 2021 Colour Forecast is made up of three soothing palettes, inspired by nature to evoke familiarity and comfort, with accents of stronger colours to help lift our mood and brighten our outlook.  These trends look to create a sense of renewal whilst holding onto nostalgic elements in our homes.



This palette captures our renewed appreciation for natural beauty, and encourages moments of stillness and quiet.  This nurturing palette can revitalise your home and nourish the soul with gentle, buff neutrals, touches of tan, mossy greens and muted ochre.


Retreat is a palette of warm whites, dusty blues, deep greens and greys paired with vintage-inspired tones of burgundy that portrays a sense of a soft luxury.  With a homely aesthetic, Retreat draws on a nostalgic mix of comfort and security.


Reset is an uplifting and optimistic palette of enriching and brighter colours. It encourages us to stay upbeat with the stronger, bolder tones that can lift our interiors and brighten our outlook. Rich blue, coral, warm rust and playful mash-ups of pink and terracotta.

Wondering how to incorporate these palettes into you home?

The important thing is to understand what look and feel you are trying to create.  For a subtle, soft look, Nourish is a great neutral palette to work with. For something moodier and more dramatic, try the Retreat palette with its deep, muted accents, and if you’re keen to incorporate bold tones, consider the brighter hues in the Reset palette.

Why not introduce these colours by painting your front door, or an accent wall in a study nook.  Or why not go bold and paint your entire bedroom – it’s a great place to experiment with colour given it’s such a personal space!

For me, I’m loving the soft neutrals of the nourish palette and have plans to update my bedroom with this gorgeous scheme … what are you tempted to try at your place?

If you’re inspired to refresh your home and would like some help kicking off your colour journey, please get in touch to arrange a consultation with me here.


Anna x