How colour can create the perfect feeling in your home

As we always say, the first step in renovating or redesigning a space is to decide on the feeling, atmosphere and energy you want to create! And arguably one of the most impactful ways to set the mood for your home, is with colour!

Colour has the power to make you feel and think differently and for that reason, designers use colour psychology as a tool to create the perfect feeling and mood for your space. Colour can also be the unifying feature that runs throughout your home, creating flow and connectivity.

We’re here to help you consider the mood that different colours evoke and how to use them in your home. Think about how you want your spaces to feel…..

  • Calm and comfy – a neutral base with blues and greens that invoke a sense of nature
  • Whimsical and fun – pops of colour can create a playful design, full of personality
  • Open and light – a neutral, consistent colour palette that feels fresh and harmonious
  • Dramatic and bold – stronger neutrals with bolder accent colours can bring drama and interest

BLUE – calm, tranquil, uplifting, refreshing

Blue is such a diverse colour, with so many shades that can evoke different emotions. Blue is used frequently in interior design because of its diversity and how impactful it can be to generate an emotional response. For instance…

  • Light, soft shades of blue generate feelings of serenity and peace
  • Darker shades of blue emote strength and luxury
  • Bright blue hues create feelings of energy and confidence

Blue is also great colour to use to create a cocooning effect – applying a soft, grey-blue to the walls in a TV room or a bedroom creates that cocooning feeling.

GREEN – nurturing, peaceful, growth, vitality

What sets green apart from other colours, is its strong connection to nature and therefore the calming and refreshing feelings we get from being in nature. Green has made a big resurgence in interior design over the last few years, often used to create luxe, dramatic looks in bathrooms and kitchens, and more tranquil calming tones used in textiles and décor items.

Here are some ideas of how to integrate green into your home…

  • For a calm, soft and inviting vibe in a bedroom or living space, try using soft shades of green like Sage or Laurel on the walls or in furnishings to create a beautiful, nurturing space.
  • To create drama, use deep, dark, earthy greens. They conjure up strong connections to nature, perfect for bathrooms where you want to feel refreshed and energized.
  • You can also introduce green more subtly with indoor plants, green décor items and with beautiful bedding.

RED – energy, passion, strength, power

Red is a very strong colour that dominates a space and demands attention. As a result we don’t often see it used heavily in homes.  We see brighter reds used in places where we like to feel energized—in creative office spaces, at the gym or in restaurants.  However, at the other end of the spectrum, deeper and warmer reds can be an excellent way to create a dramatic, moody and warm space.

Our tip – less is more when using red in your home!  Here are a couple ideas for how we recommend using red….

  • Select deeper shades like red wine or burgundy as they’re perfect to create a moody, luxe vibe. Layer with complimentary deep colours – blues and greens – to create a rich textured look.
  • For a touch of red energy try a piece of statement furniture, soft furnishings or a piece of art.

YELLOW – vibrant, warm, uplifting, fun

Yellow is an optimistic joyful colour. It can also be very dominant, so we recommend using it with muted tones like grey, black, white or navy to help to ground it.

There are lots of different shades of yellow and mustard is certainly one that has made a real resurgence. It’s a bold choice to create drama – think about a luxe mustard bedhead, velvet cushions or sofa.   And for a more subtle option, consider how brass accents can bring some of this golden warmth to your space.

Being quite a bold colour, here are some ways you can use yellow to bring fresh energy to your spaces….

  • Styling – yellow is a great way to add personality with décor items like a vase, painting, scatter cushions or throw
  • Outdoor areas – because yellow is a summery colour, it creates LA vibes when you use it around the pool or with your outdoor sofa
  • Front door – if you want to create a whimsical, bold entrance to your home, yellow is a great pop of colour that can really make a statement

NEUTRALS – greys, whites, black and browns

A neutral colour scheme is timeless, versatile and has chameleon qualities. It can be kept simple and classic, or to be more interesting by adding pops of colour or textures. Neutrals are adaptable and suitable for every style of home and are often the foundation of a home’s colour scheme.

Here’s what the different neutral colours offer….

  • Grey is the most versatile neutral, varying with warmer or cooler hues or to bring dramatic or soft vibes
  • Black creates drama, elegance and is often used to anchor a space
  • White has the power to brighten, lighten and soften spaces. There are many different shades of white available from warmer to cooler, crisper whites. To learn more about choosing the perfect white paint, check out our previous Blog article here
  • Brown and beige can warm up and anchor a room, often browns are introduced with timber furniture and flooring

A neutral, layered colour scheme can create a beautifully elegant space!

So, as you can see there are so many ways to use colour and create a mood using colour!  The key is to lead with the feeling you want in your home.

If in doubt, we recommend starting with a neutral base (particularly for key investment pieces like a sofa, curtains and blinds) and then adding colour through your accessories, artwork and furnishings.   This will allow you to play with colour and build a look that reflects the feeling you want to create in your home.

Of course, if you’d like help to create the home of your dreams using the perfect colour palette and selections for your home, I’d love to help! You can book-in for a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.


Anna x