How to get the most out of your Interior Design Consultation

It seems more and more people are reaching out to work with an Interior Designer for the first time, as design services become more accessible and appealing to more people.  If, like many of my new clients, you haven’t worked with a Designer before you may be wondering how it all works, and what to expect from your Design Consultation.

These days most Interior Designers charge for a Design Consultation, so it’s only natural to want to understand how to get the most out of this initial meeting.  (Some designers do offer this service for free but be wary of this as you want to ensure you are getting quality advice and great service before you start working on what is your most important asset.)

Below we’ve shared some useful info and tips on what to expect, and how to make the most of your Design Consultation.

What is an Interior Design Consultation?

The consultation is normally 1-2 hours and is an important part of the design process, as it helps determine the scope of work for your project.  This initial meeting generally takes place at your home and is a critical first step for both you and the Interior Designer.   It’s the chance to get to know each other and see if you’d like to work together, and there is absolutely no obligation to continue with design services after this consultation if you’re not feeling a connection!

Photography by Fiona Galbraith

What can you expect from a Design Consultation?

Photography by Jacqui Turk

You and your designer will chat about how you and your family use the space, what you like and dislike about your home, your project goals and your ultimate vision for your home.

During this meeting the Designer will explore your brief in detail and get to understand your priorities, ideal timing and budget.    It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask your Designer any questions you might have about your project.

Whilst it’s unlikely they will be able to convey a complete design solution in the first meeting (remember, good design takes time!) your Designer will start to get a feel for the design direction, however generally more work is required to flesh this out and prepare a presentation to bring your design concept to life with images and mood boards.

10 things to help you prepare for your Design Consultation

In order to make the most of your time with your Designer it’s really important you do your preparation before your consultation.  We recommend you:

  1.   Get clear on the vision for your home and your design goals
  2.   Prepare your wish list… and then prioritise
  3.   Understand your budget
  4.   Consider your timing, are there any particular events to plan for?
  5.   Be aware of your lifestyle and needs. Be open and honest about these
  6.   Think about your style preferences. For inspiration click here to read my blog ‘Find Your Design Style’.
  7.   Have inspiration or design images on hand. Spend some time prior to the consultation looking through Pinterest, Instagram and magazines
  8.   Involve all the project decision makers in the consultation if possible
  9.   Think about any questions you want to ask your Designer
  10.   Keep an open mind … to a fresh perspective and professional advice

If you have a design or decorating project that you’d like some help with and you want to learn more about working with us, you can book a complementary 20min Project Planning Call by simply clicking here . Or enquire about working together here and we will be in touch.


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