How to select the perfect warm white for your interiors!

It’s probably no surprise to hear that design directions have evolved quite a lot over the last few years, and from a colour perspective we’ve seen a significant movement away from cooler tones and towards warm, soft and cocooning colours.

This is driven by our desire to feel a greater sense of calm and grounding in our spaces, and as a result we are seeking a stronger connection to nature… think gorgeous sagey greens, clay and terracotta tones seen in natural landscapes and beautiful deep ocean blue tones. These colours are currently influencing interiors… and we absolutely love it!

And this evolution is happening with our neutral tones too!  White is still a much-loved base colour in interiors though, and let’s face it, there is nothing more classic and versatile than white, however we are seeing a resurgence of warmer, softer whites which helps your spaces feel more inviting, whilst still looking fresh!

One of the most asked questions we get is which is the right white!  And it’s no wonder that it can feel a little overwhelming to select the perfect warm white considering there are over 50 different shades of white (yes, 50!)

So, check out our 6 go-to warm white paint colours and how best to use them in your home.

1. DULUX Natural White

Dulux Natural White is a go-to white paint colour because it’s warm and welcoming!

It has a slight red/yellow undertone which gives a gentle greige tone.  And whilst it is a warmer white, it still throws plenty of fresh, clean light around a room, so it’s a true classic white that works in most spaces and with most styles.

We particularly love using it in older style homes with traditional elements.


Porters Paints Popcorn is a classic white that’s very neutral in tone. It’s on the brighter end of the warm white spectrum, so it’s excellent to use if your goal is to make a space feel open and more vibrant, and it provides a fabulous canvas for you to add your own personality and style to a space.

3. DULUX Casper White

Dulux Casper White has just the right amount of colour in it to create a warm and inviting space.  Its subtle taupe undertones make it flexible to be paired with darker colours, like kitchen joinery and timber for a bit of drama, or with brighter tones like Dulux Vivid White on ceilings and trims.

4. DULUX Mount Buller

Dulux Mount Buller is a soft and calming warm white, with a slight green undertone. It brings depth to a space and is an excellent choice if you have a vast area and want to make it feel more intimate and cocooning. It perfectly compliments a brighter white trim on the cornices, architraves and ceiling.

5. DULUX Winter Terrace

Dulux Winter Terrace is a popular warm white with its sophisticated subtle green-grey undertones. It creates an inviting look for both interiors and exteriors and is very versatile across all styles of homes.


Porters Paints Irish Linen is true ‘warm white’ thanks to its gentle pink undertone. It’s a beautifully elegant white that works to give depth and cosiness to a space. It would be a great choice if you wanted your home to be all white but a particular room needed more warmth, a South facing room for example. Irish Linen would definitely add that warmth within the white palette.

We hope these wonderful whites inspire you to warm up your spaces and help you select the perfect warm white for your home!

We really love the design movement towards warmer tones and seeing beautiful warm neutrals being used more often. To read more about the latest colour trends, click here to see our earlier Blog post featuring the Dulux 2023 colour palettes.

Remember that one of the major factors in determining how a colour will look in your home is the light and aspect of your space. Light can dramatically change the tone and look of colour when it’s in-situ, so we always suggest using a sample pot to paint either a section of the wall or a large sheet of white card that you can then pin up and move around your home, so you can test how it looks at different times of day and in all areas of your home.

If you still feel uncertain and would like some help elevating your spaces and selecting colours for your home, then click here to book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call and we can chat about your project.

Anna x