Start shopping like an interior designer – Part 2

In last month’s blog, I opened my 'Little Black Book’ of furniture and rug suppliers that we love to work with. Now I’m sharing the second instalment of wonderful suppliers, focusing on window treatments, lighting, artwork and soft furnishings.  If you haven’t read PART 1, click here to have a quick read.

I have a big collection of amazing suppliers I work with, so unfortunately I can’t list them all, but I've selected a handful of suppliers who help us create gorgeous spaces for our clients. They all have excellent design and craftsmanship, high quality standards, and they provide outstanding customer service.

I hope this inspires and helps you to kick start your home renovation or decoration project!

Window Treatments

Window Treatments are such an impactful part of your home’ design. As well as making a significant impact aesthetically, they are also functional – they’re used to provide privacy and to protect your home’s interiors from the elements such as sun, light or the cold. There are so many choices for window treatments these days, including plantations, roman blinds, sheer curtains, block outs… so there is something for everyone and every space!


  • Marlow and Finch - we love working with Marlow and Finch for all things window treatments. They are experts in all the different window treatments available and they have a wealth of knowledge and understand all the latest technology. Plus they offer excellent customer service to our clients
Shopping like an interior designer, sheer curtains, resort inspired
Double Bay Project | McMillan Design
Roman Blinds bedroom
Mosman II Project | McMillan Design
Sheer curtains North Bondi
North Bondi Project | McMillan Design


You can have so much fun with lighting in your home, not only does it play an integral part in how you use a space, it’s also become a great way to add unique and playful elements to a room. You can create amazing focal points or set different moods by using fabulous pendants, wall sconces or table lamps. We love getting creative with lighting because it has such a visual impact! Some of our favourite suppliers are:


  • Montauk Lighting Co. – we adore their range of stunning lighting, suppling designer brands from the US and UK. We’re always spoilt for choice with their beautiful pendants and lamps in distinctive and high-quality designs 


  • Light Co - with a passion for beautiful, high-quality lighting, Light Co have a comprehensive range of amazing global lighting designers that always inspire us


  • Lighting Collective – offers a huge selection of gorgeous lighting options so you’ll always find something you love 
Pendant Light living room
Montauk Lighting Co | Wollstonecraft Project
Shopping like an interior designer
Light Co | Wollstonecraft Project
Kitchen design pendant light
Lighting Collective | Camperdown Project


Artwork is one of my favourite design elements to work with! It always generates an emotional connection and is the perfect way to add colour, personality and soul to your home.

  • Curatorial+Co – we love working with Curatorial+Co to source artwork for clients (and for my own home). They have a gorgeous collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition art by local and global artists


  • Sibu Gallery – with a large, always evolving collection of fabulous artists, Sibu Gallery has many beautiful pieces. They are passionate about showcasing and supporting new artists, which we love!


  • Sydney Road Gallery – a wonderful gallery hosting a collection of accomplished and mid level artists across all disciplines - painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics and other mediums


  • Greenhouse Interiors – for a wonderful range of well-priced art options that include both original pieces and limited edition prints
Shop like an interior designer, Sydney interior designer
Harvey Cassie, Sibu Gallery | Wollstonecraft Project
Start shopping like an interior designer
Amy Wright, Curitoral and Co | Mosman Project
Artwork for living room
Amanda Tye, Sydney Road Gallery | Cammeray Project

Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings includes a wide range of upholstered items, including bed linen, cushions, throws, bed heads. All these items help create an emotional connection and help bring a space to life. There are so many suppliers for these items but my absolute favourites include:

  • Walter G - an Australian-owned textile house who work with a team of artisans in Rajasthan to produce a stunning range of fabrics. We love incorporating their cushions into our designs as they always make a huge impact in each space


  • Eadie Lifestyle - With classic designs that are elegant and timeless we love specifying their cushions and throws


  • Cultiver – we love shopping for bedding at Cultiver – their linens are sourced from Europe and not only look amazing, but feel amazing too. They also have a great range of throws and cushions


  • In the Sac has a stunning range of bed linen that we use frequently in our clients’ homes. We particularly love their reversible linen sets
Bedside table interior design
Cultiver Bedlinen | Mosman II Project
Blue living space
Walter G Cushions | Fairlight Project
Bedroom interior design
In the Sac Bedlinen | Camperdown Project

Now you have this great list of fabulous suppliers for window treatment, lighting, artwork and soft furnishing, it’s time to start shopping like an Interior Designer!

As you can see there are so many wonderful suppliers to choose from and this list is just a taste of what’s out there.  Enjoy shopping!!

Of course, if you’re looking to start your Interior Design project and would like my help selecting and procuring any of these items for your project, we’d love to help! You can book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.


Anna x