Start shopping like an interior designer! Where I shop for furniture and décor.

With so many furniture and homewares brands to choose from these days, I know that selecting furniture and décor for your home can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Well, as always, I’m here to help and in this blog post I’m opening my ‘Little Black Book’ of fabulous furniture and décor suppliers to you. Soon enough you’ll be shopping like an Interior Designer (yay)!

I have a very long list of amazing brands that we work with so unfortunately I can’t list them all, but I’ve selected some of the suppliers who we work with regularly. One thing they all have in common is excellent design and craftsmanship, high quality standards and most importantly, they provide outstanding customer service to our clients.

Note: There are so many different categories that we’ve had to split our list of fab suppliers into 2 blog articles. Part 1 focuses on furniture and rugs and Part 2 will include suppliers for lighting, window treatments, artwork and more…. Watch this space for Part 2.


Furniture is such a key component to a room – serving both functional, practical needs as well as reflecting your design style and personality.  We recommend selecting quality pieces that will stand the test of time when it comes to key furniture pieces and our fav destinations for great design and excellent quality furniture are…

  • GlobeWest – we love the breadth of their range, and with regular launches of fresh new seasonal collections, GlobeWest offer so much choice with different styles, textures and colours. Plus they design for all spaces at home – interiors and exteriors. GlobeWest is a trade only supplier though, so you will need to order through an Interior Designer
  • Jardan is another favorite of ours due to their unique and creative designs! Australian designed and made furniture and with a focus on sustainability, we love their gorgeous range because they’re always packed with personality, texture and colour. Check out their gorgeous Sydney showroom in Paddington
  • Molmic – a fabulous Australian designed and made custom sofa and lounge furniture supplier. Being custom made, they work with many different fabrics and design styles and they are made locally to the highest quality. They’re a trade only supplier so you will need to chat to an interior designer to order through them
  • Trit House has a beautiful range of their own Australian designed products, as well as sourcing global brands that offer unique, signature pieces. From interior to outdoor selections, we love Trit House for their great style and quality products
  • Huset focuses on European designed furniture for all rooms in the home. We love their broad range of European designs and their high-quality products
  • Lilly and Lolly is one of our go-to’s when it comes to kids bedroom furniture. Locally designed and high quality, their furniture is built to withstand the wear and tear that kids are known for and will stand the test of time


Rugs have the power to make a huge impact in any space. There is a huge number of options available to choose from these days too – different colours, materials and patterns and price points. Suppliers we love are…
  • Armadillo – we adore Armadillo’s range of beautiful handmade rugs, with so many gorgeous colours, textures and fabrics on offer we’re always spoilt for choice. They also focus on offering a truly sustainable range – something we love to incorporate in our design work
  • Weave Home are experts in textiles and fabrics with a huge product range including rugs, cushions, bedding, throws and blankets. Their rugs are mainly in neutral tones that warm up any space. Their products are designed locally by designers in Australia and New Zealand
  • Miss Amara is a great rug destination with a huge range of different colours, shapes and sizes for any space!  Plus they cater to a wide range of budgets so you can always find something that suits your needs

And for my advice on how to choose the perfect rug for your space, click here.

Outdoor Furniture

While many of our interior furniture suppliers also supply outdoor furniture, we work with a number of brands that specialize in gorgeous outdoor furniture. (For some tips on designing your outdoor space, check out our guide here).

  • Harbour Outdoor – one of our go-to destinations for stunning, unique, durable and handcrafted outdoor furniture. It’s clear that they have a real understanding of Australian outdoor living and their pieces are built to last
  • Cosh Living has an elegant, stylish range of outdoor furniture that we love integrating into our clients’ homes. Cosh is an Australian family-owned business stocking some great European brands (and the they have a beautiful range of interior furniture too)
  • Eco Outdoor – we love their modern, luxe outdoor furniture. Catering to different design styles we know we can always find something to suit

So now you have this list of fabulous furniture and rug brands- it’s time to start shopping like an Interior Designer!!

As you can see there are so many wonderful suppliers to choose from and this list is just a handful.  Remember to watch this space for Part 2 which will include some of our favourite suppliers for lighting, window treatments, artwork and more.

Of course, if you’d like help selecting and procuring furniture and décor for your project – as well as our expertise overseeing your project from end to end, I’d love to help! You can book a complimentary 20min Discovery Call by simply clicking here.


Anna x