6 major benefits of working with an Interior Designer!

One thing is for sure – no matter how big or small your project brief and budget is, working with an interior designer is a fantastic way to manage your renovation or decoration project for MANY reasons.

With all of us living such busy lives these days, there often isn’t enough hours in the day (or week) to manage a renovation or decoration project on top of everything else life throws at us. So engaging a passionate interior designer who loves nothing more than getting stuck into the creative design elements, as well as overseeing all the moving parts of a project….. just makes perfect sense.

Some of the best outcomes you’ll experience from hiring an interior designer to help navigate your project are….

  • Creating a home that is special and individual to you and that reflects your style.
  • Significantly reduces the stress and overwhelm that’s extremely common when renovating and managing it on your own.
  • Saving time and money… yes that’s right! An interior designer is an investment, but we’re trained and skilled in running design projects more efficiently than you could on your own.
  • We make it a lot more fun than simply executing a project on your own!

And it’s worth highlighting, the earlier you bring an Interior Designer on-board, the better your outcome will be, as they can support you in the early planning phase to maximise your home’s potential.

So, if you’re still curious as to how an Interior Designer can help you with your project, here are 6 major benefits of working with us….
1. Creativity – resulting in a unique and special home for you!

We see our job as presenting ideas that you would have never imagined or conceptualised yourself. We add value by pushing our clients out of their comfort zone (but in the very best way of course!)

We live and breathe design and are constantly exposed to new products, ideas and innovations. This enables us to help create a personalised, unique home in-line with the latest design directions, whilst reflecting your personal style!

Just some of the ways we apply our creativity to our clients’ homes…

  • Designing custom pieces, such as furniture or joinery, created as unique one-off pieces for you and your home!
  • We always look for ways to harmoniously merge existing furniture and décor pieces that you want to keep, with new pieces that we’re sourcing for you.
  • Assessing floor plans to look for creative ways to optimise your space and enhance the flow and connection through your home.
  • Artwork curation – many of our clients see huge value in us providing artwork curation for their home – with us either selecting or shortlisting pieces for them. Given our expertise in colour palettes, scale and design styles it’s a great service that Interior Designers offer!

Ultimately our focus is to ensure your home is highly liveable and one that you love!

Our Wollstonecraft Project has some gorgeous custom pieces that we designed for our clients, including the beautiful armchair, marble and oak console and the curved bench seat packed with built-in storage!

2. Problem solving and overcoming challenges – we relish doing this for our clients!

We always think outside the box for ways to solve design challenges, make spaces more functional, and deliver stylish and impactful solutions.

Being passionate about spatial planning, we are forever looking for ways to achieve the best room layouts and flow for our clients, overcoming various challenges that clients haven’t been able to solve themselves.

We work closely with our trades – always having open communication and collaboration to ensure our solutions can be implemented and get the best outcome for you and your home.

And we can’t say it enough, but the earlier you bring an Interior Designer on-board to work on your project, the better your outcome will be! Engaging us in the early planning phase will maximise your home’s design potential because we ensure your home is as liveable as possible!

Working with an Interior Designer
3. Save you time and money (and save you from making mistakes)!

Interior Designers are trained to bring a vision to life, and given our experience and skills, we are able to do this more efficiently than you could on your own! 

Our relationships with quality trade partners and suppliers, means that we have the resources at our fingertips, to ensure your project will be completed to a high quality, quicker and more cost-effectively than if you were to go it alone. This ultimately saves you time and money!

Engaging a team of experts including an Interior Designer, architect, builder and qualified trades will save you from making mistakes that were foreseeable to the expert eye. We advise that you engage your expert team early to ensure your plans and project outcomes are optimised.

Working with an Interior Designer
4. Help you prioritize and advise where to invest for greatest value!

With all of our experience, we can help clients identify the best areas to invest in their homes and how to prioritise their budgets! For instance, we will often guide clients on…

  • The spaces to prioritise given their budgets and home goals, and that will add the biggest value to their home
  • The items of furntiure that are worth keeping vs what to invest to update.
  • If required, recommend how to stage a renovation to achieve the client’s goals within their budget.
Working with an Interior Designer
5. Phenomenal project management skills and attention for detail!

Contrary to what many people think, the life of an interior designer is not all bells and whistles.  There’s lots of less glamorous details and project management required to ensure a project is completed successfully. However, we are super passionate about staying close to the detail in order to get the best outcomes and to minimise the stress for our clients. 

A full-service interior designer will manage all those time-consuming details of your project, from engaging and liaising with trades, to purchasing items on your behalf, organising deliveries and co-ordinating installation and styling of your home. 

We also help to simplify the process for you, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the myriad of options available and decisions to make (like which white paint colour is best for your walls, the right cabinetry finish for your kitchen, or the tile set out for your bathroom!)

6. Industry relationships leveraged for your benefit!

Interior designers are constantly building a network of trades and suppliers who we rely on to execute our vision and make our clients home-dreams come to life! By leveraging our relationships, we can make your project run as seamlessly as possible, promptly and efficiently address any issues that pop up (because things always come up on projects) and provide other benefits such as trade discounts.

Most interior designers will have a team of key trades and suppliers they work with closely, so whether it’s a new build, whole house renovation, partial renovation or a decoration project, we can help you identify the best trades and suppliers for your project.

Check out our previous blog posts to give you a flavour of the fabulous suppliers we work with here  and here.

Working with an Interior Designer
So, in a nutshell, the major benefits of working with an Interior Designer are that you’ll create a home that is unique and reflects your style, you’ll do it with less stress, save time and money, plus we’ll make it a lot more fun than going it alone!  

My team and I pride ourselves on taking the stress and confusion out of your project and helping you navigate the process with confidence, ease and joy!  Of course, there are many more benefits to working with an Interior Designer, so if you are interested to learn about how we can help you with your renovation or decoration project, we’d love to chat. 

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