Our decorating tips to create a cosy warm home this Autumn Winter!

Autumn winter decorating, discover your design style.

Our decorating tips to create a cosy warm home this Autumn Winter! Now that daylight savings is well and truly over and the nights are cooling down, it’s time to create a cosy warm home to retreat to in the cooler Autumn/Winter months. I absolutely love Autumn, and think there is something very special about […]

The Dulux 2024 Colour Forecast and our guide to using it in your home!

Dulux 2024 Colour Forecast

Colour is one of the most powerful ways to create a specific mood or feeling! So, with the release of the much-anticipated Dulux 2024 colour forecast, we’re excited to see the direction that the colour experts are predicting for the future of colour in our homes. The Dulux colour forecast is influenced by what’s been […]

The 5 best outcomes of working with an Interior Designer

Working with an Interior Designer, McMillan Design

We might be biased, but working with an Interior Designer is a fabulous way to help manage your renovation or decoration project and reduce the stress and overwhelm that is common when renovating! This is especially true if you don’t have the time (or desire) to do it on your own or if the idea of overseeing […]

Feel inspired by the new Dulux colour palettes for 2023

Dulux colour forecast, sydney interior designer

I’ve talked about the impact of colour so much in my blog because it has such a powerful affect on our mood and the feeling of spaces! To understand the colours that are most appealing, the design industry looks forward to the arrival of the new Dulux colour palettes. They provide excellent insights about how people are […]

Start shopping like an interior designer – Part 2

Shop like an interior designer, Sydney interior designer

In last month’s blog, I opened my ‘Little Black Book’ of furniture and rug suppliers that we love to work with. Now I’m sharing the second instalment of wonderful suppliers, focusing on window treatments, lighting, artwork and soft furnishings.  If you haven’t read PART 1, click here to have a quick read. I have a big collection […]

Start shopping like an interior designer! Where I shop for furniture and décor.

Start shopping like an interior designer

With so many furniture and homewares brands to choose from these days, I know that selecting furniture and décor for your home can sometimes feel overwhelming. Well, as always, I’m here to help and in this blog post I’m opening my ‘Little Black Book’ of fabulous furniture and décor suppliers to you. Soon enough you’ll be shopping […]

How colour can create the perfect feeling in your home

Green colour scheme

As we always say, the first step in renovating or redesigning a space is to decide on the feeling, atmosphere and energy you want to create! And arguably one of the most impactful ways to set the mood for your home, is with colour! Colour has the power to make you feel and think differently […]